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Safety Review


Parent Letter

Nonetheless, as in all laboratory situations, there are safety rules that must be followed.

The two most important safety rules are:

Always have a knowledgeable adult supervise work.  Ask a teacher to help you.

Always use common sense and pay attention to the job you are working on.  Doing so can prevent most laboratory accidents.

Wire carefully, and be on the lookout for any signs of burning.  Some components become hot when improperly connected.

A hot wire or component can burn skin, hair, fabric, etc.  Many burning electrical components have a sharp, acrid odor, or may begin to smoke.

Don't bring drinks near your computer or electronics work.  Besides being hard to clean up, liquids can damage many electronics,

Household currents are MUCH more dangerous than those in the experiments we detail.  It requires a lot of training to safely open up household devices.

Every possible precaution has been taken to ensure the safety of experiments and the correctness of information.  The study of electronics is interesting and exciting.

Please enjoy yourself and be safe.